Reproductive Health Policy

As an integrated health system, the three clinics and the hospital work together to provide access to female and male reproductive healthcare services to meet a patient’s clinical needs and a patient’s choice, although not every procedure is available.

Through the family practices clinics, patients have access to an array of preventative healthcare services including forms of contraception prevention, and the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

CMC provides pre-natal care services with planned deliveries.

In the emergency room of CMC we offer plan “B” while actively referring patients to providers. Note: CMC permits their healthcare professionals to opt-out of participating in services that violate their conscience or values. In such circumstances, the hospital will arrange for other healthcare professionals to deliver the care for the patient.

Click the link below to view our full Access to Care Policy.

Access to Care Policy

Click the link below to view our full list of Reproductive health Services that are generally available at Coulee Medical Center.

Hospital Reproductive Health Services

More Helpful Resources

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No Surprises Act

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Financial Assistance – Plain Language Summary

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2024 Poverty Sliding Scale

To Print an Application for Financial Assistance / Charity Care at CMC, click the link below: Application for Financial Assistance  or here for Spanish

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Non-Discrimination Policy

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